User Values

User Values


Storing data in Access is easy, after all  that's the whole point of the application!  But in a multi-user application you may at times want to store information on a user-by-user basis. For example one user may wish to have a window open full screen while another may want to have it open in regular, non-maximized mode.  The User Value system allows persistent user preference to be stored in a table for use in report criteria, query parameters, color preferences, sort orders etc.

User Values

The Values are stored in the  UserValue Table.

Define New Values

You may define new user values, the default value and a description in the UserValuesDefinition Form.  
Display on form will allow the data to be displayed to the user should they need to edit it directly.
[Delete All User Data] button clears stored data for all users, returning the table to default values. (Click for bigger image)

User Editing

You may allow users to view all of their values at once with the User Value Definition form.  If a value is deleted by the user the system will re-generate it. There is a possibility that an invalid value could be entered, so be careful when showing this generic form to novice users. To allow users to change these values it is set up a query and create a custom form with validation.

Put UserValues To Use