The TableLinks system allows you to manage linked tables to multiple backend databases.  

First select [External Data] tab  and click [Access] to link the backend tables to the front end application database.  Once all the required tables have been linked, add the database name and table name to the local TableLinks table as shown below.

Notice that one table per backend DB must be designated a the primary table. You may also set an optional required version to keep the front and back end in sync during development. If you specify a version and the front and back do not match you will be prompted to resolve the problem.

After the table has been set up you should run the code below during system startup.

'*************** Table Links ****************
    Dim goodlink As Boolean
    QFSLib.UseInternalDB = True
    goodlink = QFSLib.ConfirmLinks("Central.accdb", False)
    If Not goodlink Then
      MsgBox "Unable to restore table links", vbCritical + vbOKOnly,            "Error"
      DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True
      Exit Function
    End If

If the table linking is successful  you will be ready to open the switchboard.