Report and Query Dialog

The Report and Query Dialog will display everything a user needs to quickly view a report or query with predefined date ranges and custom criteria. You can use the UserValue feature to remember the users last selections.  Everything is table and code driven with buttons that take you directly to the table, code module and custom report with a single button click (Items 6-8.)

  1. The Item Box displays and allows the user to select the available Reports, Queries or other object. The date, descriptive text, database and criteria all respond as needed.
  2. Dynamically switch between databases for flexibility or to go beyond Access' two gigabyte file size limitation.
  3. The date range defaults and can be move forward and backward by like units of time. Great for fast side-by-side comparisons.
  4. Custom options  subforms allow complete flexibility of choices.
  5. Toggle between Item groups to display separate list items.
  6. Open a form that controls all the text, date range defaults, database combo box and custom criteria subform. (Only the developer will see buttons 6-8.)
  7. This button uses a little-know Access feature to open the code module that allow you to put all the criteria to use in opening your report or query. A real time saver.
  8. Open the subform (shown in item 4 Options)  in design view. 
  9. Preview the report (or open the query) or Print the same object using the default printer.