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Add professional features to  your application with a few lines of code with the QFS Library.  Here is some of what is available. 


Show only the features that are useful to the current user with this table-driven menu system.  

A. Listbox Selector.  The list show only the items that are available to users based on group membership.  Most multiuser applications have at least two types of users the System Admin who has full functionality and regular users who may only need to use subset of the forms & reports.  Larger companies frequently have user groups such as Production, Accounts Payable,  Accounts Receivable, Sales, and Management.  

B. Display Area. The display area shows both general system messages and additional notes about the selected listbox item.   Users are kept up to date on changes in the program while their focus in on that job function thereby reducing the number of calls to system admins.

C. Edit Selection.  Change any menu item detail with a easy to understand form.  Dynaboard eliminates button clutter and automatically documents your application at the same time.


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Report and Query Dialog

Offer the user complete control over the selection of reports, queries, charts and graphs with this automated form.  Speed development time with table-driven ease of an entry form.  Hot buttons take to directly to the forms and code modules for greater productivity!   No more annoying prompts for criteria when the users wants to view a report preview. All dates can be set to default to the current day, week, month or year and then advance/retreat by an equal period with a single click.  

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User Values

Store important user preferences for use in reports, queries and retrieve them with a simple function call even within a query.


Help System

Adding Help and Training to  your application does not have to be an afterthought when you can capture screen images, link to live web pages and even embed video into your program. 

The Help system allows anything from simple text to large graphics and shows it in an appropriate layout.

From the click event of any button here is all you need to do to open help:
Private Sub cmdHelp_Click()
    OpenHelp 15, Internal
End Sub

Table Linking

The best practice for Access applications is to have a front-end with tables that are linked to a separate back end database. This allows new functionality to be added without losing any data.

The QFS Library will test linked tables and automatically relink them if the both the front and back end databases have been moved to a new folder.  If only the back end is moved, the system will prompt the user for the location of the back end and then relink them if available.

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In/Out Board

See who's in and who isn't. Add a report to track application usage from the TimeClock table that stores the In/Out Board data.

Chat System

Collaborate with other application users from within your Access application with details about data entry or customer service requests.

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