QFS Library Overview


The QFS Library is a collection of forms, features and code that will jump-start any new Access application.  Simply set a reference to the library from any VBA code module and the features are a couple of lines of code away, seamlessly integrated into your project.  Switchboards/ menus, report dialog boxes, linked table maintenance code, user preference, configuration code, event logging and help systems are just a few of the features that will make your Access database into a professional quality application.

Why Develop In Access?

Access is not really just an application, it can be  more correctly considered a development platform. Access consists of a relational database (Jet) engine,  a data entry forms designer,  a report design system and an integrated computer language Visual Basic for Applications.   Access has been available for 20 years and has always provided a well-supported long term upgrade path. You can be sure your application will move along with computer technology into the future.


See what's in the Library that will make your application Great!

How to use the library from your application


Option Compare Database

Sub main()
    QFSLib.Pause 5
End Sub

The Library is provided as an compiled Access database (accde) that is compatible with Access 2010 and 2013.  The report dialog form and Dynaboard menu will be supplied in a non-compiled source code format so you can modify it to fit your needs.  Once a library reference has been set all of the features in the QFS Library become available to your program.  Video Here

Each file used is documented in File Definition.


All of the code in the application is supported by the author via email, phone or video conference.  Simple. Direct. No Hassles.

Custom Enhancements

New features will be added periodically to the Library. If you know of something that might be a good addition let us know.   Visit the Microsoft Access at Work Google community to ask questions or just see what's new.