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Life moves quickly and it is easy for your web site to become out of date. One solution is to use a CMS site such as you see here to edited directly on the web without the need to publish HTML files.  It's as simple as editing a document with a word process and when you click [Save] it is instantly available on the web. We can help you with data services that integrates this powerful new system with your business process.

What we do:

Web Sites We not only build sites but we make sure it gets noticed with Google Adwords and search engine optimization  (SEO) techniques. If you have something to sell we can equip your site with full featured shopping cart technology.

Database Design We provide Custom solutions with Microsoft Access and SQL Server DBMS. Starting a project in Access is easy but professional results are not.  We can turn a stalled project into a working application that keeps your business moving forward.

Software and Network Support Our partners can keep your systems online.

C#/vb Development & Outsourcing QFS can join your team at any stage of an application life cycle. Whether developing an application from scratch, troubleshooting a 

project, maintaining or upgrading an existing application. From requirements and feasibility analysis is, through specifications, prototyping, implementing and testing, we can help you improve quality and speed-to-market of your new ASP.net, VB.net, C#,  MS SQL, HTTP, XML, SOAP based application

Integrate & Synchronize Your Data Chances are good that you already have many desktop systems in place. The problem is that there is no communication between your traditional LAN-based software and these new universal could services.  

Don't pass up the opportunity presented by the new technology when you can have seamless system integration that allows  data to flow into Google apps and back again automatically providing an optimal combination of convenience and security.

Google Apps,  not just pretty,  they're productive.

Google Apps Training and Development

Google offers free software for:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processing
  • Presentations

Hosting is available for $50 user/year.  Why spend money on a server and off the shelf software when many small business can easily learn to use this free online alternative.

What can cloud computing do for you?  

Call:  330.945.4865 for a free analysis!

(Enter your phone number and name, Google will call you and connect you with us, free of charge)
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This  "beta" web site  is a test bed of new web technologies.  The goal is to demonstrate what is possible with pre-built free web components from Google and others.
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